How to do Work from home WFH ?

WFM communicates with two parameters basically ie. Expectations and Reality

First we will move with Expectations >>


  1. Wake up early in the morning by sharp 5.30
  2. Do Yoga or exercises
  3. Prepare food for breakfast
  4. Login at in time for office work
  5. Take Chutta break for 15mins
  6. Again get back to work
  7. Make conference or one to one calls with colleagues
  8. Make TODO lists and work accordingly
  9. Take Lunch break in front of Laptop
  10. Again get back to work
  11. Take Tea and snacks break
  12. Again get back to work
  13. And Logout at regular time
  14. Watch favorite shows
  15. Take dinner
  16. Go for sleep
WFH expectations Vs Reality

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